Ampersand Magazine

What a beautiful issue! I have 4 poems published in this magazine including “I Woke Up to April” which was selected as the winner for Best Poetry by the lovely Ampersand Magazine

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 11.00.36 AM

I woke up to April, and glory glory to the word, nothing has ever and To all moments taken

Black Elephant

I’m included in Black Elephant Lit’s Issue #4: Upstream Color! The print issue will be available for order in a couple of weeks…but for now they have released a free internet preview…and my poem “Sitting Looking” is included in the selected preview!


Sitting Looking is available to read now

Both “Sitting Looking” and “To Circumvent the Dam” will appear in the full-color print issue for order

Image: Ernest Williamson III “Artist Delving Into Her Craft” – included in Issue #4