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Pea River Journal released the entirety of their “Worksongs for the Apocalypse” issue today which features four of my black and white 35mm film prints!



The Dance

“The Dance”

pea river journal

We are so excited to release this work from 36 artists and writers. You can read and share it two ways:

It’s a literary journal as experience. Dive right in.

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Muddy Tracks


By Lauren Suchenski

and surely, the windows and winds will keep billowing. muddy tracks, muddy hands, two-year-old fervor. fire in the blaze, fire in the hunger, fire in the river. fire, fire, little boys are full of fire. water, water, little boys are full of lakes. full of worms and sticks and stones. full of urge and surges of soul. full of hair, my little one is. full of wilderness and all things bold and fearless. full of fear and irrationality, this is the way the world unfolds. this is the way the world unfolds.

Bio: Lauren Suchenski’s poetry has appeared in over 40 magazines and her first collection of poetry is due out this year from Finishing Line Press. She is a Pushcart Prize nominee and she loves to swim inside syllables.

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